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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Click here to download AirsoftRadio for February 3, 2006

In this episode we interview the developers of the Airsoft claymore mine, discuss the publication Shotgun News, talk about Airsoft being banned in Illinois and Massachussetts, and Lance reminisces about various Airsoft misadventures.

Links for the show

Supercell Development, creator of the Airsoft Claymore

Shotgun News

Illinois Airsoft ban

Massachussetts Airsoft ban

We're going to begin using different music in the show from now on, we hope you enjoy some variety for a change.

Musical Credits

The first two songs are by my youngest brother Tadd K. Larsen 2-5-1976 to 10-28-2002. Rest in peace.

"Wired for Loud" by David Henderson

"Stain" by Megaphone

"Trust" by Death and Taxes

"We Gotta Go" by David Henderson

If you enjoyed a particular song, follow the link and download the entire song. They are free.

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