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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Once again, I'm sorry for not getting the show posted yet.

We recorded a show this weekend, but I had to have a procedure done on my back, and so I've been wiped out on all manner of pain medications. Since I don't like needles, it took them 5 valium just convince me to walk into the procedure room. After three valium most people need a wheelchair. After 5 valium I walked into the procedure room, then walked to the car (no I didn't drive). Last time they had to do this they said I became a bit... "combative" I believe was the word they used. I nearly got up and walked out with 5 needles still stuck into my spine. This time they really drugged me up, so it went a little better.

The show takes a lot of editing, and I still haven't shown Bill how to edit a show yet, so I have to do it all myself. I've got to teach him how to do that one of these days.

Anyway, I'll get it done here very soon. And my attitude should be much better for this weekend's show since my back will be feeling much better. We'll have two shows out rather close together this week, not much I can do about it but keep you guys posted.

I appreciate your understanding, we don't make a bit of money on this show, so it isn't my day job, it isn't even my night job, so I do it as I get the time. And when I'm in excruciating pain and having to work all day and then take care of two kids all night, it really isn't a top priority.

Once again, I appreciate your patience. Imagine how I feel right now, having been stuck with 4-5 needles with lidocaine to deaden the pain (that hurts the worst), then 4-5 more with steroids injected into my spinal column. I'm pretty sore right now, but it's the first time I've had to edit the show, so I'm toughing it out. I'll get as much done as I can manage tonight.

Anyway, sorry to ramble, I still feel a bit goofy and irritable. The show will be out soon.


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