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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Alex (Jun Wen) of the WI said...

Hey guys,
Great to see (hear) the show back online. The shows regarding Florida's growing community in particular got my attention. A couple years ago my friend went there to visit his cousin and they tried to find any activity there, but came up with very little. Suddenly it looks like they're growing with engaging, immersive events through groups like Mindgame Productions. Just as quickly, though, the potential ban threatens to shut it all down. Kudos for the community there for banding together to take a professional and mature approach to defend our hobby.

On other notes, I really enjoy the tactical advice throughout your shows- whether you reminisce about a past event or throw it into your "Newbie Corner." ...and I suddenly forgot where I was going with that... Great shows!

P.S. Do either of you train in a martial art? I thought I heard someone mention pancrase and also noticed a link on Airsoft Iowa's site to Hock's CQC site.

2:40 AM  
Anonymous said...

My name is deathkillaG lol

12:10 AM  
Anonymous said...

Zero comments? Im stunned! You guys are doing a great job, I love the show, keep up the great work!

4:55 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hey, I just subscribed to your podcast, and I was wondering if you two could focus a little more on content, and a little less on general chit chat. Your show is great, but I think it'd be better if it focused more on the sections, with less random commenting in between.

9:17 PM  
Josh said...

I like your show (just signed up), but I was wondering if you have so much random chatter all the time. If you do, I would suggest you might tone it down a bit. I loved the tactic you mentioned, but not necessarily all the non-airsoft related talk.

9:19 PM  
Nieko Jackson said...

Hello Guys, You guys are Great, I was bored and checking out Arnies and I saw the ad...

Very great Advice, And very great discussions..

More topics I can address you with..

+The wearing of US Military insignia's..

EX: have you ever walked onto a fiel and some one was wearing U.S. Army Ranger Scroll patches, Ranger Tabs, And Airbourn tabs?.. And also Rank insignia's?..

If you think about it, the Soldiers in the U.S.Army have worked VERY hard for those patches, tabs, and ranks. They go through pain staking steps to recieve the honor to actually wear them.. Then you see some guy that just threw then on to just "look cool".. Well it is not, It is VERY disrespectful to the Soldiers that worked very hard for the patches.. If a person wears the insignias, it basically is stating that that person is lying about being in the Army an he is saying he earned it..

Now If a team is Reenacting a Unit to honor and support them, that is a different story.. Only as long as the team Completely states their Cause of immitating the soldiers.. I beleive that is justifiable..

I thought I would add it up to the topics for you..

Very great show guys...

Thank you for this show.. My life inbetween airsoft games is now less booring.. hehe..

1:07 AM  

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