Friday, July 07, 2006

In the News

I was looking over the Airsoft-related news today, and unlike some of the news I've read in the past it wasn't all bad. Here is a summary.

The Philippines have banned Airsoft
, but it looks like the police agree to let it slide as long as they keep the barrels orange and nobody causes any problems. If you live in the Philippines and would like to talk about it, contact me.

Dallas, Texas looks like it's going to consider banning Airsoft guns. We can only expect more of this if people keep acting like idiots with them. Please, talk to kids, talk to parents, reason with them and teach them some common sense. Even if they ban Airsoft guns, there are still plenty of look-alikes that can cause the same problems. Bans don't work, just look at the UK. Now the UK is banning knives because people are still killing each other several years after the gun ban. I haven't see the actual text of the new law, but let's hope for their own safety it also included pointy sticks. Lace curtains and throw pillows will certainly be next.

Airsoft guns are banned from the New London Naval Submarine Base in Connecticut, USA. Come on guys, you should know better than to bring Airsoft guns onto a military base. Maybe we can all come up with somewhere for you to store them while you are on the base. Anyone have any ideas?

The Boston, MA area isn't immune from the same problems. Here is an article about idiots driving around town with them in their cars. The whole thing could be avoided by a little instruction on the finer points of the Constitution and what you should and shouldn't do when pulled off the street by police, but that might actually help these morons, so I'll just skip the lesson and make things easier for the police. '“For what purpose,” [Police Chief Ken] Walsh asked, “would they have these guns in the car? That’s my question.”' That's a good question, I'd like to know the answer myself. And Mr. Waters, if you ever do track your article back to this posting--keep in mind that "Gun locks, Walsh said, are available for free at the police station" is incorrect. They are "available free at the police station" not "for free". When something is "free" it is not "for" anything. I can understand correcting reporters on the technicalities of firearms, but when an Airsoft Blog has to correct reporters on their grammar... Come on, I manage to write this stuff without even using a spell checking program.

Here's an interesting article that finally puts a positive spin on Airsoft. It's written up in a media outlet that is billed as "By Seniors... For Seniors", but hey, at this point I'll take any good press. I have no idea where "Corvalis" is, I'm not sure why these online newspapers can't list the location(s) they serve. It appears to be written by a kid in High School. Not a bad job actually. It's nice to see a good kid writing about the proper use of Airsoft, instead of the multitude of idiots listed above. We need more like him. Keep up the good work!

Here is one from Michigan titled "Gun Shop Aims at Safety First" about a gun shop that is actually acting responsibly and not selling cheap Airsoft guns to any kid who walks in with five dollars. Again, we need a thousand more gun shops just like this one. The writer is clueless about all things having to do with firearms, but no big surprise there. Most of the media is absolutely clueless about anything having to do with a firearm. The best they could manage was a cheesy double entendre in the title that most journalists can't seem to resist (especially when the subject is firearms.) I love the term "Spring Air", it sounds like a fabric freshener. And this one is priceless: "There is also replica tactical gear such as a plate carrier while is used to carry supplies..." Aside from being a grammatical mess, it is worth noting that you just can't eat MRE's in the woods without someone taking a "plate carrier". ;) I suppose it could be worse, at least they didn't make the guy out to be an ogre for selling Airsoft.

I'm saving my favorite for last, here is an excellent article from Tulsa, Oklahoma. These guys look like they have a lot of fun. Interesting that they put it in the "Family Scene" section. Apparently Oklahomans are not afraid of a little safe fun "playing war" like most kids used to do 30 years ago. Granted these kids are now a bit older, and they have a really big truck, but I'm sure they are just kids at heart.

And, in closing, here is a link to a fitness website that shows just how serious we all need to be about mosquitos and fighting the West Nile virus. Be sure you check out the picture, it's a keeper.


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