Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Airsoft Guns

People are always writing to me asking me what Airsoft guns I have. Well, here is a sample of most of them (excluding one that is now on the way from Hong Kong.) Click on the image for a larger size image.

Just for fun I have included one real handgun and one real rifle. Can you spot them?

Like any responsible gun owner I lock them in a 900 pound safe that is bolted to a concrete floor. One side of the safe is Airsoft guns, the other real guns.

CamoTape works really well for camoflauge, doesn't it? I even put it on my real guns to improve the grip.

Enjoy the eye candy. :)


Anonymous said...

THOse r some pretty kool guns i have a Mp5 but its just a springer i wanted to get an aeg ak47 would u recomend it?

6:14 PM said...

I really like the AK-47 AEG's. They are solid and reliable. Some of my favorite guns.

8:21 PM  

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