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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Click here for Airsoft Radio for Friday, July 21, 2006

- Thoughts on the Airsoft Innovations Propane and duster gas adapter

- Mini-review of the TM Sig P-226

- Bill's Airsoft BB Measuring Project results

- Several handy tips within the show, which almost makes the show worth listening to!


Anonymous said...

Hi all, if you are like me and the links dont seem to work for you, I have constructed this link that will get you this episode form the libyn servers


2:25 PM said...

I got it fixed. That's what I get for trying to take a shortcut. ;)


10:50 PM  
Gara Eubanks (Ubie) said...

I dont see any problem with a nationwide group. If they would change it where you cant play on your feilds how you want to, I would not want to belong to it.

I live next to one, there guns are over priced now. A year ago there prices were the same from Hong Kong with shipping. Now its about $400 for a CA SLR-105. On there other items there good prices.

Add it sounded great this week also.

11:44 AM said...

My biggest concerns about a national group are:

1 - I don't want it to become a competitive sport (take a look at Speedball in Paintball for a good example).

2 - I don't want people forcing me to play the same idiot rules at every single field. A little variance from place to place is actually more fun.

But I do think we need a political group, one to help keep Airsoft legal.

5:46 PM  
Jeff said...

Nice review on the P226. I've only owned one GBB and it is a WA 1911. I won't be so biased towards WA and might consider a TM when I get another gun. Which reminds me, when I got my gun, I also purchased the propane adapter you mentioned. My 1911 shoots close to 340fps on propane when it's hot outside. I expect the slide to go flying off any day now. And yes I did buy the flow restrictor to go with it! :)

Keep the podcasts coming, I love listening.

9:34 AM  

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