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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Click here for AirsoftRadio for Friday, September 8, 2006

This episode is dedicated to Chris Charlton.

Airsoft Radio is now being broadcast at 9:00 PM Sundays in
Christchurch, New Zealand on 107.4 MOFO-FM (a REAL radio

We were going to do an interview with Chris Charlton in the
UK about the Airsoft ban, but he passed away due to a heart
problem. More information can be found here.

We're glad to hear that John is back safe and sound from
the Big Sandbox. PLEASE NOTE, I said the episode was from
January 24, 2006, it was reall from February 24, 2006.
Here is a link to the episode he appeared on.

On the tear drop shape being the most aerodynamic, here is how
a rain drop is REALLY shaped (thanks Shade!):

and here, as promised, is the e-mail I received about the
shape with the lowest drag (don't bug Fred, he was nice
enough to reply!):

Fred Haan
Professor of Aerodynamic Engineering
Iowa State University

I can only answer briefly. Essentially, the teardrop shape
is the lowest drag shape. That is why low speed airfoils
have that shape. I do not know much about rain drops. The
link you sent looks reasonable as to what their shape is
and what the relevant forces are (surface tension versus
aerodynamic pressure). The folks over in meteorology would
probably be able to comment more on the shape of rain drops.

That is just a really quick summary there. I hope that helps.


And here is a link to the BB energy calculator at Arnies.


Death and Taxes

David Henderson
Wired for Loud
The Real Deal
Another Place in Time

Do me a favor, do the "Lance Drill" and let me know how you like it! :)


Vex said...

You've haven't been active for awhile. I miss you! When can we expect the next show?

4:33 PM  
Anonymous said...

How long it's gonna take to do a show?

1:46 AM  
techobo said...

Give us more show! We miss you!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous said...

Well, maybe Bill's/Lance's computer bit the dust again. I remember Bill having trouble with his...Either way, I'm sure they'll have one out sooner or later.

10:18 PM  
Alex (Jun Wen) of WI said...

Seems like people only post comments when there hasn't been a show in awhile. My friends and I have had pistols-only shootouts that were similar to the Lance Drill, but a lot more relaxed. Sometimes he'd forgo hit rules and people would just acknowledge the hit and move on to other targets. My close circle actually prefers these pickup style games because they don't require a lot of equipment or preparation and they also get a lot of trigger time.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous said...

Much agreed. The "Lance Drill" is a good way to get dirty and break in new players. Gets them to actually aim and learn how to move to cover without being shot to pieces.

7:56 PM  
vex said...

Any idea when the nest podcast or even post will be? I think most of us think you guys are dead or moved off to Hong Kong or something.

6:52 AM said...

You guys are probably happy there's a new show posted. :)

As I explained in the next show, if we don't have good content and time then we don't do a show. No sense wasting you guys time with worthless babble. And you guessed it, Bill's PC took a dump. I've never seen such a screwed up PC in my life. He installed a video driver, and it took a new motherboard to get him going again. It took all of our free time.

Don't worry, if we ever quit doing the show for good, we'll give people plenty of warning.

10:04 AM  

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