Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's good to be back...

First off, I need to thank Lance. This show and blog would have never happened if it were not for his efforts. Thank You.

The 1/15 show was the first release in quite awhile. I was sick with a cold and really didn't contribute much, if anything. My memory went blank and I could not remember the persons responsible for the now famous Irene series airsoft events.
Check out http://www.oplionclaws .com
My apologies to Mr. Lu, Col. NcKnight and Msg Mullen for this omission.

UK Violent Crime Reduction Bill

I just got a link to the status of the Violent Crime Reduction Bill that may change the status of Airsoft in the UK. It's here:

Violent Crime Reduction Bill

Scroll down to "Violent Crime Reduction Bill" to find the links. Here is a research paper done for the House of Commons.

I'll try to have an interview on the subject included in this week's show, and I'll keep you posted as things change. The UK puts on some really good quality events, and they could really use our support, so Airsoft Radio will be tracking this until it's conclusion.